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Re: are Vampires the "Next Big Thing" for '08? Twilight, Tru Calling.

No. Something with Vampires always seems to be going on. Some are more successful than others, but I doubt it'll be the "new big thing."

And I wouldn't say the "superhero craze" hit rock bottom with Spidey 3. Granted, Spidey 3 wasn't that great, but for something to hit rock bottom, it would have to progressively be reaching that point. With superhero films like Batman Begins, and Superman Returns that came before it, I wouldn't consider the genre declining at that time. Plus, Spidey 3 made a shitload of money. Granted, money does not equal a good movie, but a movie in a genre that hit rock bottom shouldn't make a dime (re: Batman & Robin). Also, the studio still has enough faith in the franchise to go ahead with another sequel. I doubt a rock bottom film will call for that.
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