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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

No, I've liked some of it--a (very) little TNG, most of DS9, a couple of post-TWOK movies. But none of that has been so good to justify the devotion I gave it. I never missed an episode of TNG until 1992, largely out of "loyalty" I felt to TOS, the show I loved so much as a kid. I tuned out of DS9 early, then tuned back in and tried to get caught up on all that I missed. As much as I liked it, it was at best second-rate tv, never holding a candle to the shows I consider great. Had it not had the words Star Trek in the title and taken place in that ostensible universe, I never would have watched at all. (I don't watch the Stargates, tuned out of Babylon 5 early and had to be convinced that NuBSG was as good as Time and Rolling Stone says it is--it's not, but in a world without The Sopranos or The Wire, it and Mad Men will have to do.) Voyager and Enterprise? Simply awful--not simply as Star Trekl but as television.

At this point, being a fan is counter-productive to getting good entertainment. I'm far more excited about Watchmen, say, than I am about Star Trek. Like money, too much bad Trek eventually drives out the good.
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