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are Vampires the "Next Big Thing" for '08? Twilight, Tru Calling...

Are "Vampires" the "Next Big Thing"?

That is, the Next Big Cultural Thing for the next year to perhaps two or three years.

When X-Men 1 came out there was a big comic-book superhero craze. This really hit rock bottom with (ugh) Spiderman 3, but was rejuvenated by Iron Man and The Dark Knight, etc.

Or in the early 2000's, there was this great big shock at the NEWness of Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series. LOTR has already finished, and Harry Potter while still a successful franchise now doesn't quite catch the "it's on the front page of every magazine" and the FAST pace of HP film #2 coming out in 2002, then book #5 coming out in 2003, then film #4 coming out in 2004. HP is still doing well but its what "catches the public attention"

and before that, I would say "Heroes" captured public attention pretty much on TV, inspiring a lot of knockoffs. And before Heroes, was Lost, and the Lost-clones.

The pre-teen fangirl-legion aimed "Twilight" DOMINATED Comic-Con this year, and now we hear that Harry Potter 6 has been pushed back to next summer, so the "Twilight" film pushed up its release date 3 weeks to now come out the weekend HP 6 *would* have come out, Thanksgiving weekend. So for this christmas season, going into fall/winter, the big movie experience will be the vampire-themed Twilight.Meanwhile, "Tru Blood" is premiering on HBO, starring Anna Paquin (like Twilight it is also adapted from a long and successful book series). "True Blood" isn't just about vampires though there's all sorts of supernatural creatures it just starts with vampires (check out this fake documentary video)

Granted, not as much exposure on HBO, but then again being on HBO assures that it will be of "arthouse" quality, and non of that pandering-for-ratings-by-dropping-the-running-storylines
-to-tell-a-season-of-standalone-episodes like in Battlestar Galactica season 3 (ugh)

So, are "Vampire movies and TV series" the "Next Big Thing"?

Are you a fan of either of these series? If not, do you think they hold promise?

And ***this a sign, that if these succeed, we will soon see a whole new wave of vampire-themed cinema and TV series?

Is there perhaps some other Vampire-story that you think deserves a new TV series/movie?
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