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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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I couldn't recall seeing the Gotham monorail system in this film and Wayne Enterprises weren't located in Wayne Tower but in some ordinary skyscraper with "WAYNE" written on it. What happened? Well here's hoping they'll get to make another one.
The monorail can be seen in the background of a couple of shots, including the one with the black Wayne building. It is not explained, but one can assume that after the events of Batman Begins, Wayne Enterprises moved its corporate offices out of Wayne Tower, which can also be seen in at least one background shot.
I just assumed they were rebuilding and renovating Wayne Tower after a train crashed into its foundation and exploded, and an attempt to poison the city revealed that having it as the single point of vulnerability for Gotham's water and transit systems was pretty stupid. That probably put a bug up Code Compliance's ass. Wayne Enterprises strikes as the sort of company that would end up with more than one building in a single city (thanks to an absurd number of bank mergers, there are about a half dozen skyscrapers with "Bank of America" on the side in Miami, for instance), so they probably just packed up everybody's offices and moved over to the next-tallest building in the city they owned.
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