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Re: Tropic Thunder Grading and Discussion - Spoilers.

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Saw it today- A-. Great send-up! Not as hilarious as Pineapple Express (that had me on the floor laughing), but terrific. Tom Cruise was a scream! I usually hate him.
Tom Cruise really shocked the hell out of me and with the dancing. Cruise hasn't been this enjoyable on screen for ages. Maybe in all of his roles he should don a bald-wig, lots of stage hair and a paunch belt?

"Who's the key grip?"
"I am sir."
"I want you to go up to that director and punch him right in the fucking face!"

Great, great stuff. I liked him almost as much as I liked RDJ. Both of them really stole the show and over shadowed Stiller and Black -both of whom I usualy enjoy very much and were really good in this movie but neither "lived up" to what RDJ and Cruise were doing.
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