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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

The newest Batmobile in the Nolan series wasn't designed to be a Batmobile in the first place. It was designed to jump rivers and such to create bridges. An extremely sturdy vehicle that can take a beating on impact and carry a payload. Fox stated in the Dark Knight "We could never get the bridge to work, but this girl works just fine." or something to that effect. It just so happens that if used properly it can evade city police and catch bad guys, jumping on rooftops and crashing through walls instead of jumping rivers. The Tim Burton Batmobile, and all of the others were designed to be Batmobiles. Hell in the new Nolan movies nobody ever even referes to it as the Batmobile, they call it it's given project name the Tumbler.
Same thing with the suit, it was designed to protect soldiers. All Bale's Wayne did was add the cowl to represent the symbol of Bats, other than that nothing.
It was stated earlier that West's Batman was designed for camp. Nobody for a sec took Batman seriously when it aired, it was entertaining though. Same with the Burton and Shumacher films, which were over the top and cartoonish in ways. The Nolan films are a recreation but also an attempt to shed the camp and comic feel of Batman. Maybe not for the audience to take seriously, but to see how it could happen in as realistic of a way as possible. It's funny that we compare the 2, Batman and Star Trek. I have never thought of Trek as campy, but Shatner and the originals have been called that. I think that Sci-Fi back then was all considered campy even if it wasn't meant to be. I think TOS got a bad wrap because of shows like the 60's Batman series.
Now we have the new Trek movie coming out and Abrams has said some things concerning that he is eliminating that campy feel of the TOS. The original Batman series was campy and designed to be, so I really like and appreciate the treatment the new Nolan movies have given Batman. However, like I said earlier i never thought of the original Trek as campy. It was just a product of the times and now that it's old it's easliy mistaken for something it's not. I think because of this Abrams is trying to fix something that isn't broke. He's trying to do with Trek what Nolan did do for Batman but in the process Batman needed it, Trek doesn't.
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