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Re: Maggie Gyllenhaal: Genre babe of the week #30 (July 2008)

Just thought I'd bump this one after finally seeing the Dark Knight today.

I went with my wife and knew beforehand that Maggie Gyllenhaal was replacing Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes and my wife didn't. After participating in this poll I was curious to hear what my wife thought of her because she tends to find the same kind of woman as I do attractive. I also made sure I wasn't the first one to broach the subject because I wanted an honest opinion which hadn't been influenced by my own.

Sure enough after discussing the movie for a few minutes she brought up the new Rachel Dawes and as I pretty much expected her reaction was the same as mine. She thought she looked not only really rough for her age but found her to be generally unappealing as well. We both agreed that she wasn't unattractive but that she definitely lacked the kind of beauty we expect from a leading lady.

I then told her about this poll and the context (i.e. celebrity babe of the week) and asked her how she would have voted. She said that if it had been based on the standards of an everyday woman then she would have gone sideways but given that the babe of the week is supposed to be a hot woman in the movies she would have definitely voted thumbs down. It seems that she's a harsher critic than me because I voted sideways.

Anyway, I just thought some of you might find this interesting since it comes from a woman's perspective.
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