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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

I'm sorry, OP, but your examples don't entirely make your argument in my book. I still dig the original batmobile and consider the new one to be a boring, ugly piece of military hardware. As for the in-between batmobiles, they were an interesting evolution but were a tad over the top in my opinion... but then the production design of those films was entirely over the top anyway.

As for Adam West's Batman costume, it was quite faithful to the comic book art of the time and was intended as camp, anyway. I think the latest Batman armor is a bit too black 'n' grim... I think I prefer the Keaton Batman costume. And like another poster above, I balk at the inclusion of bat-nipples on the later (but not, thankfully, latest) costumes.

As for the new Trek production, set and costume designs, it appears I'm getting what I'm hoping for thus far... something familiar-but-updated which pays visual homage to the original designs without being campy or ludicrous.
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