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Re: Worst Rock songs about Rock

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I'm gonna be booed but "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sisters is awful...
Boo! Anybody who mentions Dee Murray gets booed.

One of my favorite moments in a record store back in the vinyl days involved this record.

I was a 3-4 times a week regular at the store, so it was almost, "Hi, Norm!" when I arrived. Twisted Sister was in a waterfall display right up front, hot on the charts. As I walked in and we all said hello, I impulsively grabbed copy of Twisted Sister, and holding the record in both hands, brought it down, hard, on the edge of the store's counter. CRACK! It split in two. I rotated it 90 and smashed it down again on the counter's edge. CRACK! I threw the record on the counter, now quartered but still sealed in the sleeve, and told them to add it to my bill.

It was the best thing you could do to a Twisted Sister record.
I love you.
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