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Umm, Two Face?
I'm sure some would say the makeup reminded them of the aliens in "mars attacks"
Now that you mention he does look like that. I wasn't looking forward to seeing this movie because of Two Face's appearance. I even posted to that effect on here a couple of weeks ago. To that end I had to work myself up to go and see it. Today you'll be pleased to know, I did it. I have now contributed 6.70 to the quarter of a billion plus $ foreign Box Office Total. I went to the Cinemworld cinema in Cardiff for an afternoon matinee performance and I've got to tell you, it was packed. Funnily enough in the foyer there were three blokes dressed up. Two as Stormtroopers and the third as Darth Vader. Doubtless to publicise the new Star Wars film (by the way I don't mean fans in halloween costumes I means actors or stand-ins in movie-quality outfits). I took the presence of a guy with a black cape as an omen for what was to come.
I was expecting it to be virtually empty for the showing I went to but it wasn't. There were probably only a few seats empty. The volume of the films' sound wasn't ridiculously high as I was fearing which was another plus. Though that may have had something to do with the fact I was sitting in the back row. As for the film, brilliant. I thought Batman in the first half of the film seemed to be limited to cameos here and there but then that appears to be commonplace in superhero films/live action tv shows. But nevertheless it just felt like the comic brought to life especially Gordon's relationship with Batman. And it also at the same time felt like the real world. I thought that Michael Caine stole the show with his one liners. Heath Ledger wasn't too bad either but I'm not sure weather it was Oscar material.
Just one or two little nitpicks.
Well here's hoping they'll get to make another one.
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