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Re: Russian/Georgia conflict affect ISS operations?

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The actual technology is certainly there, and the US could pay for the R&D and get a real European space capsule going in, say, five years.
I know you probably didn't mean it to come across like it does, Timo, but I find the notion that the European Space Agency would require American funding to develop a manned spacecraft capable of repeated use really quite insulting.

As for the Russia/Georgia thing, I doubt it'll affect the operations of the ISS. It strikes me more as a little local difficulty caused by the supposedly "resurgent" Russia seeking to impose its will on neighbouring countries. To my mind, all it's succeeded in doing is showing up what Russia really is... a bully that will only pick on an enemy that has no chance of fighting back, while simultaneously exposing the glaring lack of any real Russian military "reach" - they can only attack countries that directly border their own, as they have absolutely no means of large scale power projection over long distances. If Britain and the US were to promise even limited military assistance to Georgia, you'd soon see Russia backing off.
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