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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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I read this on Wiki about Burton films Batmobile:
"Every gadget seen on the Batmobile used in these films was fully functional, including the jet engine, which consumed fuel at such a high rate that there was only enough fuel capacity to run it for the approximately fifteen seconds of the longest shot in which it could be seen operating."

Oh, I forgot to say, I really don't worry about Enterprise redesign. A good story is more important, I'm sure Enterprise will look fine.
I read the real top speed of that machine (the 1960s Batmobile) was only 45 mph, though. Maybe it's my age showing, but while there's nothing wrong with the other batmobile's, I don't see them as "improvements" over Adam West's machine.

I'd think that if Abrams stayed as true as he did to the old design of the uniforms (where he had a lot more in design), then certainly the Enterprise will look just as good and "old" at the same time.
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