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As for favorite characters, I loved Phoebe and Joey. I actually have friends just like both of them too! I also admit that I still have a huge crush on Chandler... minus the first season vests. (And since I am a little like Monica with my OCD and love for all things domestic, it might have worked out nicely. I am not at all competitive or needy though.)

I always thought the Chandler & Monica romance was wonderfully cute and nicely done.
Me too. I thought their relationship was a lot better than "I love her. She doesn't love me. We were on a break." of Ross and Rachel. Joey and Chandler were a better couple.

I just love the show. The best episode is The One With the Embryos. And here is my favorite part of the episode, The Game.

And I love this goof too.

One of the best, for sure.

I also love TOW All the Poker, Everyone Finds Out & All the Cheesecakes.
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