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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Well, actually, this proves to me that redesign may also be a bad thing. This was my favorite Batmobile:

The newest one is really ugly.

Yeah, the new one looks powerful, but this one was really elegant, and it suits to Batman.
It was all show and no go, though. I saw it at an auto show when the movie came out. I was so disappointed. I went past the rope to have a closer look. The intakes in front of the rear tires had regular screen door screen over the opening. This was to cover the fact that the whole car was a shell on 2 axles. NOTHING inside. At least the original was a REAL car.
I fell out of love with that batmobile really fast.
I may be gay, but I HATED when JOEL SCHUMAKER put nipples on the bat costumes. He raped my childhood!
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