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Trip is dead
Trip is a fictional character. As such, his status depends entirely on your perspective. If you haven't seen the entire show, he's "alive". If you've seen the last episode, you assume he's "dead". If you've also read The Good That Men Do, you know he's "alive" despite his apparent death.

You're perfectly welcome to keep your perspective confined to the TV series, but insisting yours is the only valid one is silly.

Sorry for being so persistent about this. It's just that written Trek has been superior to aired Trek for quite a few years now (at least on average), and it's annoying to see it dismissed out of hand. I'm not talking about canonicity issues---I'll leave that for the similar Star Wars debate---but just the value of the stories themselves. You can't tell me Elias Vaughn is a worthless character just because he's never shown up on-screen, or that the Founders haven't mysteriously disappeared, or that the "Conspiracy" parasites aren't distant cousins of the Trill, or that Andorians don't have four genders, just because none of that was on-screen. It's real if you enjoy the stories, and that's good enough.
I don't understand why you need to be persistent about it.
If you enjoy the novels, good for you. The writers of the series obviously have a different approach and since it is what aired, that is what the writers had in mind for the story they wanted to tell. Insisting otherwise because you didn't like it is pretty silly. Star Wars doesn't enter into it. I haven't read those novels either. Lucas told his story and it's on the screen. If fans want to argue otherwise it's their choice but it doesn't change the story the producers and writers wanted to tell onscreen.
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