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Re: Worst Rock songs about Rock

Kirby wrote: View Post
There is a song by Sammy Hagar, I can't remember the title, but it has some of the worst song lyrics about rock:

Check the hands on the clock
It's 8:05
It's time to rock

I wasn't aware that there was very a specific time to start rocking.
voggmo wrote: View Post
8.05 is a reference to when rock shows often start.
The song is Hagar's "There's Only One Way to Rock". The meaning of the lyric was that, while many bands at that time would roll onstage at 9:30 or 10 or 10:30 for a show advertised to begin at 8:00, Hagar made it a point to be out there playing when it said they'd be playing.

It's still a stupid song with a stupid riff.

voggmo wrote: View Post
Shooting Star by Bad Company.
Huh, always liked that one.

How about "Rock 'til You Drop" - was it by Def Leppard? Really dumb, anyway.

Given a little time, I'm sure I'll think of some more.
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