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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

Maybe I should not have called it 'round'. It's just that I felt there wasn't really someone who joined the project in some time while the list slowly but surely is reaching its end. So I thought about a continuation and how maybe not everyone who has already submitted a panel would want to participate again. I believe it was just the logical and most polite thing to let people sign up for it again (as opposed to just take it for granted they would want to post a panel again).

Please believe me, I'm very happy to see that some of you are still interested in participating at all.

Also: Of course everyone is still invited to take part! Indeed there's nothing that would make me happier, as I'm sure new folks would only enrich the whole thing!

However, here's the updated list:

[01.] NCC-1701
[02.] ThomastheCat
[03.] Ptrope
[04.] PlanetMudd
[05.] Vektor
[06.] Redfern
[07.] Masao
[08.] Venardhi
[09.] Starscape
[10.] jon1701
[11.] Klondike307
[12.] Ihlecreations
[13.] Gryndl
[14.] ThomastheCat
(2nd panel)
[15.] PlanetMudd
(2nd panel)
[16.] NCC-1701
(2nd panel)
[17.] Venardhi
(2nd panel)
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