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The episode got made and for whatever intentional reasons on behalf of the writers and producers of the episode, Trip dies. That's the end of it. The novels aren't part of their story. The novels are part of someone else's version of this story.
Their story sucks. Not just with Trip's death, I really don't care about that very much. Just all around, it was a really bad episode.

The novels tell an alternate story which fits perfectly with what was seen on-screen, but is far more compelling. Therefore, despite its non-canon status, I choose the better interpretation.

If this had been done with the finale of another show, I might agree with you: Go with the original creator's intent. But Enterprise was stumbling from one misstep to another through most of its run, and the ending was just the crowning example. I have far more respect for the good people at Pocket Books, who have someone managed to pull a worthwhile tale out of that mess, than for the people who caused the mess in the first place.
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