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Re: Have Star Trek Writers Ever Tried to Create an Unlikable Character

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T'Lana remains the most unlikeable character I've had to deal with in a Trek book. Part of the problem was that she was so unrelentingly one dimensional and contrarian simply for the sake of being so. She really felt to me like an artificial plot device with a giant CONFLICT sign around her neck than a character. And that's just as a reader. Outside of the almost equally annoying and loathsome Leybenzon, she's pretty much disliked by any character of consequence inside the stories too. Leybenzon is only slightly less distasteful because he simply appeared less.

Thankfully, things are taking a more positive turn for the crew of the E in Greater than the Sum which I'm 3/4 of the way through now.
Indeed. I would argue that there's more character development for T'Lana (and that she's portrayed as more of a three-dimensional character overall) in her one short scene in Greater Than The Sum than in all of Before Dishonor. As for Leybenzon, I flat out couldn't stand him in any of his appearances. Didn't find him interesting, didn't find him understandable or relatable, and couldn't wait to see him go.

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Nobody likes Quentin Stone very much either, in "A Rock and a Hard Place".
Well, yeah, the characters didn't seem to like him very much. Me, I thought he was great.

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In the comics: "William Bearclaw".
EEK! I forgot about him. Yeah, a total schmuck.
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