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Re: Sins of the Father

I think her review misses an important point about Worf's character.

Worf isn't just Klingon to the core: he's more Klingon than Klingon; he takes Klingon tradition and Klingon honour more seriously than most Klingons who live in the Empire.

As the old saying goes: he's more Catholic than the Pope. Having grown up among humans, he takes Klingon values and traditions at face value, and strives to live up to an idealized image of Klingon-ness. And when he spends some time with other Klingons, he's often disappointed at the way they don't live up to his ideals.

I always thought this was one of the most realistic bits of characterization in all of Trek. In a sense, Worf is a convert to Klingon culture, and displays all the zeal for which converts are noted--as opposed to the slacker, more easy-going ways of people who have been raised that way.
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