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Re: Have Star Trek Writers Ever Tried to Create an Unlikable Character

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^^Except that Tev would respect her more if she did the former.
The problem isn't that Tev doesn't respect her -- that's a problem, but not the problem. The real problem is that he tends to forget that he's part of a team, and he also tends to forget that Gomez is his superior officer.
I'll grant the former, but the latter is in large part because Sonya failed to earn his respect at the beginning. Because she didn't assert herself and express her disapproval of him honestly as a Tellarite would, he perceived her as weak, untrustworthy, and indecisive.
Which doesn't change anything I said. He's still subordinate to her, and he consistently doesn't act it. Respect has nothing to do with it -- chain of command does.

As I said (and as you, Christopher, know, as does anyone who's read the eBook), this all comes to a head in Security, working in how Tev treated Gomez in Aftermath, how Gomez treated Tev (and how Tev responded) in Small World, and what we learned about Tev's background in Ring Around the Sky.
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