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Re: F. R. I. E. N. D. S

Yeah, I am a fan too. Of course the show was written to cater to me and my generation. I got all the jokes and when the characters were going through something I either was or had experienced. When the show first premiered, I was spending a great deal of time sitting in a coffee shop and chatting endlessly about nothing. I also had friends that were worrying about careers, divorce and babies. It really struck home for me. Now when I watch it (on DVD of course) I get to relive some of the best times from my twenties. It's fun.

And I admit to that the last few season were a bit tired and over done. The characters, by that time, had gotten more and more over-the-top and my patience with some of them had grown very thin. By the last season I had this intense need to beat Ross to death with one of his stupid fossils just so I wouldn't have to hear him whine anymore. And Rachel...

As for favorite characters, I loved Phoebe and Joey. I actually have friends just like both of them too! I also admit that I still have a huge crush on Chandler... minus the first season vests. (And since I am a little like Monica with my OCD and love for all things domestic, it might have worked out nicely. I am not at all competitive or needy though.)
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