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Re: Tropic Thunder Grading and Discussion - Spoilers.

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Just got back from seeing this, and let me tell you I am still wiping away the tears of laughter. I have visited all the viral sites (,, et al) and those really helped me enjoy the movie more. Seeing RDJ - as Lazarus - as Osiris in those mockumentary trailers was enough to make me laugh and think "man the guy is nucking futz!"

I gotta see this again, because there were times I was laughing so hard I missed lines. The whole movie could have been Downey in the sfx makeup doing shitty Shaft impressions and I would have paid $10 to see it. The guy is great -- he played the most complex role by far in the film (TWO characters!) and aced it.

And of course I loved the TOS clip playing on Speedman's iPod

It's high time someone did a really well thought-out sendup of Hollyweird, with the cheap comedies/disability Oscar-bait/self-absorbed Method stuff. I particularly loved the bit where Lazarus gives Speedman tips on how to win over the Oscar crowd: "never go full retard."

I wonder how Speedman had his iPod and cell-phone (he called his agent) still. The director made the actors destroy them.

Put I agree. I would've watched a movie with just RDJ playing Lazarus. And as you said it's a complex character. RDJ is is LITERALY playing "the dude playing a dude disguised as another dude."

On the viral websites. I like how Jeff Portnoy (Jack Black)'s character's filmography has Heat Vision and Jack on it.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.

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