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Re: West Coast Olympic Commentary - Night 2

Well, I actually got one reply so I might as well do it again. If you are going to reply, NO SPOILERS.

Phelps is going for gold. I hope it's a great race.


YES!!!! He looked good in the breast stroke and then he just put it in second gear. Another Gold, another WR. Good times.


Well done from Soni on winning the Gold. That 200 M Breast was a hell of a race.


I hope Liukin and Johnson have great all-arounds. These women need something great to happen after the last week. That Vault from Liukin is an awesome start.

Decent from Johnson but not awe worthy.


It's so surprising to see a Chinese fall, especially given what I've seen in Gymnastics so far.


I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear the reasons behind putting Luikin in 10th after that Vault. What did she do wrong?


I really have been tired tonight so It's really been just watching but why is it when they start the music for the Chinese, I always think they are starting the Star Trek theme.

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