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Re: Russian/Georgia conflict affect ISS operations?

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No comments?

You all do know about the Russian/Georgian conflict, no?

I do know that the Balkinor (sp?) cosmodrome is in the Ukraine, and there's some rumors that Russia, ie. Putin is interested in reclaiming Ukraine into the old Russian Republic. So space travel activities could get complicated if the shit hits the proverbial fan in the next couple years.
Baikonur is in Uzbekistan.
Oh yeah, that's right.

I expect the US would try to extend the shuttle's life and the Russians may not be interested in extending the use of Soyuz for NASA anyway, so there might not be any options.
Yeah, that would be the only real option, wouldn't it?

Looks like US govt. short-sightedness in placing dependence upon Russia is the problem here...
Yeah, even the "NASA press corps" and Congress had reservations about this problem as long ago as a year or so ago, when the reality of the shuttle's retirement hit home, and Putin was pulling some other shenanigans.

That said, I'm afraid that Georgia may just be the beginning. If the West allows this Russian aggression to stand, we may be looking at not justy another Cold War, but perhaps a Hot shooting war. And frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing it. If, and I stress IF, the battleground could be kept to the Soviet region (Russia and all its former Republics). It'd be the big fight that those of us who were around during the '80s and waited for and feared between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.
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