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What if we see a sombrero in the film? Will you walk out of the movie or watch it all the way through?
Oh for fuck sake, give it a rest!!! It's sad, pathetic and extremely geeky to STILL be going on about f-ing sombreros!


Well, that gets you a warning for flaming. Was what darkshadow0001 wrote really that offensive?

I can't stress this enough: If you don't like a thread topic stay out of it. Ignore it. Is the sombrero stuff really so terrible that it merits something like the above? I mean really. At its worst it might be a little annoying, but I don't think it merits that kind of hate.

You don't think having every other post in the entire Star Trek XI being about ****** sombreros for the past month or two is more than just 'a little annoying'? Not to mention prolonging and forcing something that was never even funny on every member of TrekBBS

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