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Ok so are we arguing the length of the origin or no origin at all.
There are a number of different ideas being thrown about it this thread. I like quite a few of them to varying degrees. The one with the majority of the first movie taking place on Krypton is the one I would support least. My second least favorite would be to do the beat-by-beat full-length origin in chronological order al la the Donner film and the origin episode of the George Reeves TV series. It's been done many, many times, and it's old and stale. If you want, as it seems, a new take on Superman for a new generation, why not break the old paradigms and tell the origin in a different way, at least?

My goal would be to simply make this the best take on the character.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. One person's "best take" might suck mightily to others.

So it doesn't matter if people care if a origin story is told or not, the person that does the movie should care and should try to tell the best Superman story ever told, even if it is the millionth time it has been told. They should want to create the defining Superman.
And does the best Superman story necessarily have to be his origin? Why constantly reinvent the wheel when you can go somewhere fresh? There are more stories to tell than the origin.
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