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Rothschild wrote: View Post
I chose to just use "Find" to find the instances of sombrero, and sorry I still don't get it.
It started as, from my POV, as lighthearted pokes at nitpicking details about what should or should not be in the new film. Many people were listing silly things that should be included in it. Ideals began becoming Photoshopped reality's, (all in fun) The Shats head on vectoring nacelles & spitting pez etc... when suddenly Samuel T. Cogley suggested, well here, this is the exact post.

Samuel T. Cogley wrote: View Post
And is there any way we can make the saucer section look more like a sombrero? Or maybe put a sombrero on top of the saucer section?
That really struck a nerve firmly attached to our funny bones and it took off from there.

Ah, memories...
Warp Speed, Mister Nimoy.
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