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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Also having Picards memories of Kamin effect his judgement makes good sense, but seemed a bit too momentary. It seemed as though it was only effecting him for this one choice and seemed to come and go far too quickly. Maybe it was just his reaction to his own pro-creation that brought it on but it did feel a bit rushed.
Well, that couldn't be helped. Realistically, the events of "The Inner Light" were something that should've changed Picard forever, but the producers of the show and films chose to sweep it aside and revert him to normal. The best I could manage was to attempt to retroactively justify why it hadn't had a major effect on his life.

And I certainly hope it won't just disappear again. Now that he's allowed himself to confront these issues and embrace his Kamin memories, I feel those memories should inform him as he becomes a parent in real life.
Agreed, i suppose to work it into the story in a melodramatic way it would have to be 100,000 words (as you said earlier) or cut out other important part and make the whole book about Kamin.
Damn episodic TV!
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