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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

I finished GTTS last night, after getting not much sleep and sleeping in the day i ploughed through the novel whilst being over-tired and couldnt sleep...

The writing style here def reads like a Chris L Bennett novel, it was very similar to Orions Hounds in my opinion. Not just because they were covering some of the same area as the Luna class but for exploring the unknown, which Chris does very well.

The amount of scientific theory behind everything is brilliant and it's good to read an exploration novel after all the borg scares, mirror realities and divergant universes. And not just exploration of space, but also of life and people. Having this being mirrored in what was happening to the star cluster was nice, especially since it revolved around pro-creation.

A couple of things bugged me though. Namely with the sudden appearance of Hugh and having Picards memories revived all at once.
With Hugh it would have been nice to have a few chapters following what he was doing before he appeared to the enterprise rather than have him suddenly appear out of the blue.
Also having Picards memories of Kamin effect his judgement makes good sense, but seemed a bit too momentary. It seemed as though it was only effecting him for this one choice and seemed to come and go far too quickly. Maybe it was just his reaction to his own pro-creation that brought it on but it did feel a bit rushed.

Other than those two little things the rest was fantastic. I liked bringing back the Mabrae from The Buried Age. I liked the new officer Trys, it's always good to bring in something new and immature into an area of officers and strict regime. Like a breath of fresh air (and probably why picard chose too keep her, deep down).

Great book with a fantastic epilogue. Looking forward to more of your work! And Destiny of course.
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