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Re: Tropic Thunder Grading and Discussion - Spoilers.

I saw it with two friends a couple hours ago. I'd say Tropic Thunder is mostly Above Average.

I didn't think that the fake trailers were all that funny; the Tarantino/Rodrogiuez Grindhouse collaboration used fake trailers in a more effective manner.

Robert Downey Jr. was, without a doubt and unsurprisingly, the powerhouse of the film. He was fantastic in the role of the "actor's actor" - a man at the top of his game, who may also be just a bit cracked, psychologically speaking. I've never considered Jack Black to be all that funny, so I was glad to see that he wasn't overused in the film. Ben Stiller was effective enough as the action hero striving to break into dramatic roles and be taken seriously for a change. Jay Baruchel and Brandon Jackson aren't names that I knew before this film, but I found their performances to be much more interesting than Black's, so I plan to try and keep an eye out for their future rules. The supporting roles were great, too: Matthew McConnaughey and Tom Cruise were both hilarious.

I really liked the "film within a film" conceit, particularly when we were given glimpses at the actors prior to their Tropic Thunder roles. I liked the dynamics between the actors as they trekked through the jungle and had to band together to rescue Speedman. Overall, I found the film to be mostly enjoyable, though I don't imagine that it's one I'll remember for very long.
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