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Ok so are we arguing the length of the origin or no origin at all. Those are two different arguments. Since we are talking Begins, I was thinking of that type of origin with different aspects being shown, something I wanted to see with SR. I am coming at this like it is the first Superman movie ever done. It doesn't matter if you have seen or read everything ever done about Superman. My goal would be to simply make this the best take on the character.

I think that is what Nolan did with Batman, based on all the praise the movie has received. Ledger followed Nickelson's Joker, which despite what people think here, was well liked and for a lot of people is still the best Joker.

So it doesn't matter if people care if a origin story is told or not, the person that does the movie should care and should try to tell the best Superman story ever told, even if it is the millionth time it has been told. They should want to create the defining Superman.
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