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Galactus wrote: View Post
Ok I am not following what you are saying. We needed to know how Bruce became Batman complete with his training, yet we don't need to know how Clark became Superman including where his powers come from especially if they want to expand on the idea or make changes?
I was arguing against the proposed movie that would spend 1/2 to 2/3 of its time on Krypton. I know you want another all-out origin movie, but can you honestly say that you would support that? I've seen you argue that Batman '89 was an origin movie...yet it didn't get into Batman's background with anything like the detail of BB. Why wouldn't the same approach work with Superman? The most detail that the audience needs to know about Superman's origin can be recapped very quickly, a la the intro of the first Fleischer cartoon, or the one- or two-page origins in the early Superman and Batman stories. The origin doesn't need to be the focus of an entire movie again. If the focus is on an established Superman, the origin can be a brief bit of exposition.

TheArsenal wrote: View Post
At some point you just have to get on with it.

Assuming a reboot, if his origin is needed for story purposes, get Superman up and running in one good film with out it, and circle back on it during a second film after viewer goodwill has been reestablished.
Indeed. That gels with my idea of having an established Superman who doesn't yet know where he's from. He could encounter Kryptonite in the first movie, possibly being used by Metallo, which would provide clues that would be explored in the second film.

Galactus wrote: View Post
There are too many versions of Superman with too many different abilities for you to do a reboot of Superman without establishing what this Superman is.
You've argued that most people don't know the details of Superman's origin. I'll up the ante and argue that most people don't care about the details of Superman's origin. Give them a good Superman adventure with minimal origin details and they'll be perfectly happy. The only people who have to know every detail of how the current movie incarnation of Superman differs from all of the previous versions of Superman, are the people who are familiar with various versions of Superman. The fine continuity details that you as an informed fan require are going to be lost on Joe Public.

Cary L. Brown wrote: View Post
The story shouldn't REQUIRE the audience to know the history of the character. Yes, it should do everything possible to avoid overtly contradicting things that people do know... but a GOOD "Superman" film won't need to rehash anything... and ideally will "fit in" to whatever version of the origin that a particular reader remembers most fondly without having to reference any of them.

Start off with an adult, established, Clark Kent. Don't bother to tell us everything about his past, or to dwell on ANY prior incarnation (but avoid contradicting them). And tell us a NEW STORY which stands on it's own without requiring huge amounts of canonical knowledge.
Indeed...similar to that World's Finest trailer, which draws implied continuity from various sources. Keep the origin and background details vague enough, drawing from a number of sources, and you potentially disappoint less fans who'll be looking for "their" version of Superman.
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