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Re: Uniform Differences

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Ok, I threw this together real quick. All the patterns as "exposed" as I could get them. I think Spock is wearing the same outfit. The pattern just isn't as apparent due to the lighting.

You know, after seeing that, I think the delta shields may indeed be woven into the fabric, instead of silk screened like I said earlier. Whether logical or not, I think it looks awesome.
I keep thinking "why?" It's a major expense (if it's really there) which serves no good purpose, either in reality (seriously, will ANYONE but the most hardcore "living in mom's basement type" really care about this... or NOTICE this... if the movie's actually worth paying attention to?) or in-universe?

Granted, it sure does look like it's there but it COULD be baloney... it just seems like a senseless, pointless, thing, serving only to help the self-congratulation of the costuming person (whoever that may be).

I'm a huge fan of things... well... making sense. This makes no sense. So I'll admit it... I'm really HOPEFUL that it's not real (any more than the "eyes" thing) but I'm not convinced either way.
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