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Hmm. I would expect Samuel Cogley to reply by now.
I was cockblocked by a pesky 24 hour ban. But I've since been released on my own recognizance, so I can return to being an unproductive member of society.

I will wear my sombrero proudly to the premiere of Star Trek XI. I will take the sombrero off before the movie starts, partly out of respect to the movie itself, and partly because the guy behind me will want to kick my ass, but will no doubt be afraid that I will overpower him with my huge muscles, and I don't want to place the poor bastard in that awkward position.

I don't care if there's a sombrero in the movie or not. If they are so ballsy as to risk total box office failure by not including a sombrero in the film, that's their call.
"If I didn't keep getting distracted by an avatar showing a sombrero'd dog getting his engineering hull penis substitute cut off I'd probably say that the above post was a point well made." - ITL

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