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Re: No respect for the character of Scotty in "Relics"?

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What I didn't like was the ending...getting the old codger off the ship in a shuttlecraft so he'd quit bugging Geordi was kind of lame.
I didn't like the ending either. It seemed a lot like the Eskimos putting their elderly on icebergs and pushing them off to sea.
Yeah, you get the sense that the shuttle is rigged to space him and return on autopilot right after the closing credits.
Ah, no. Giving a respected retired officer use of a shuttlecraft doesn't sound to me like the bum's rush. Scotty wanted to get back to work, as he indicates toward the end. They gave him one of their shuttles so he could do that.

As a captain of engineering, I wonder what kind of project he'd be involved in if he reactivated his Starfleet commission -- after some time catching up on his technical manuals, of course!

And what uniform would he wear? Me, I think it would be similar to the Picard variant uniform, with the jacket in black and operations gold and the black-and-gray tunic underneath.

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