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Re: Uniform Differences

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^ You can see it on the hi-res images, Cary. Check out the official site.

On Chekov, Sulu & McCoy its clear as day. I'm not so sure Spock is wearing his uniform in his shot. I did think so at the time, but it looks one-piece to me - not the two piece versions we've been told about.
Yeah, actually I could only make the "shield" out as the images fade in... but a quick download and a contrast-filtering showed it clearly enough.

SO... then...

1) Spock is wearing something besides a "Starfleet uniform?"

2) Spock is wearing ONE VERSION of the uniform to be seen (bringing into question the whole "timelines" question, perhaps)?

3) Spock is wearing a "test costume" in a photo taken at a different time (before the rest of the costumes were done)?

Any other ideas?
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