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Re: Uniform Differences

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Why would it be lame?
I said it would be "Superman Returns lame" because Superman's suit in that film was made of little s's. As for why it would be lame, I don't see a military organization making it's uniforms out of it's symbol. It seems silly to me, like if the army made it camo patterns out of patriotic stars. I then go into a possible reason why it would thematically fit the costumes of TOS and be less silly.
It was a diamond shape actually. Some promo shots had the "S" logos but that proved too expensive so it's not what was used in the movie.

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I don't think the delta shield is weaved into the fabric, it's probably silk screened on.
Probably. Like the Spidey suit.
So far, I've seen this evident on the Saldana picture... but I haven't been able to make it out in any other image. (The "TrekMovie" reference seems to draw it's conclusion from that same picture).

SO... is it possible that this isn't the "official uniform" but is some sort of special costume? It's sleeveless... and has a different "cut" than the other shots I've seen so far. Maybe this is her version of the "Kirk Wrap-around?"

If it's a costume where there are only two or three copies (all for her) ever made... rather than something used on every costume made for every actor in every scene... well, it's possible.

Also, it's very obvious that the image is an embossment of some sort. It actually looks like it's silkscreened, but could be "hot-iron-embossed" as I suggested earlier.

Looking closely at her costume, I'm not convinced that this is a duty uniform at all anyway. I've seen the "recolored" image... but there's nothing I see in this image that makes me believe that she's wearing red with a black collar... in fact, looking at her collar in that image makes me think "brown fabric with metallic gold threads in it."

I'd be really interested in seeing a similarly blown-up image from the second set of images. All I know for CERTAIN is that the Spock costume's collar doesn't have the "highlight threads" that hers does in that shot, and that his costume doesn't have the little "delta embossments" that hers does, either. So, the evidence might be in high-res images of the second four posters (all of which, I think, are in "standard Starfleet" costumes, aren't they?)
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