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Re: Uniform Differences

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In order to create a new weave, you have to createa new weaving process and, in most cases, create new weaving machinery to produce it. And it's not a trivial task to come up with a weaving pattern.

Have you never watched a machine knitting machine making fair isle patterns? Or an embroidery machine monogramming towels to order "while you wait'? Before modern computers they were doing complicated designs with punchcards.

But it's been computer-aided design in the industry for decades. Simply scan in the pattern you want and the machine weaves to your instruction. Paramount would have been ordering bolts of material in numerous colours and weights, so it would be quite cost effective. No more tricky than ordering material to clothe an Olympic team of athletes.

For ST II, the costumers made hundreds of trapunto collars on the uniform undershirts. It was a unique way of sewing fabric with a hollow needle that filled the fabric with fibrous cotton wadding as it sewed. An extravagance, sure, but it gave a unique look that fans found tricky to copy. And that's part of the fun of movie making. To make your costumes look "not off the rack".
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