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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"The Thirteenth Order" Cast

This is the last WIP you'll see before the final product!

More uniforms now complete--Glinns Daro and Yejain, and Lieutenant Haeruuh are finished. The basic lineart for Gul Speros' uniform is almost finished. I have also added evidence of serious wear and tear to Ensign Folani's uniform (which occurred prior to this whole scenario coming about). Lineart for all weapons and wrist communicators is complete.

Difficulties I had to contend with this time around: I discovered the reference I was using for Daro's position had a hand position that didn't make sense for a Cardassian disruptor rifle--so I had to wing it completely on his left hand. Also...drawing Lieutenant Haeruuh, who represents the Caitian species--I am having BIG problems drawing digigrade feet despite looking at several references. Any advice in this area would be much will be a lot easier to correct now, than to do it after I eventually go back over the entire drawing with other pencils for detailing.

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