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Re: No respect for the character of Scotty in "Relics"?

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Kirk and Spock are probably the only ones from TOS that is revered and well respected in Picard's time.
Riker did not remember Kirk in "The Naked Now". He had to read who the "old Enterprise" captain was from the library computer. Kirk and Spock weren't remembered or revered until the writers made them that way (well, obviously...but you know what I mean).

A couple of years later, though, Sisko seemed to know all about Kirk and his adventures.

Kirk, on the other hand, knew just about everybody in Federation/Starfleet history, because, as he said on several occasions, "[his exploits] were required reading at the Academy".

I didn't really think the Scotty character was disrespected in "Relics". I thought the treatment the 1701-D crew gave him was fairly realistic. He still ended up saving the day. What I didn't like was the ending...getting the old codger off the ship in a shuttlecraft so he'd quit bugging Geordi was kind of lame.
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