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Re: No respect for the character of Scotty in "Relics"?

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You make a solid argument, but for this:

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The Enterprise is fully staffed, not under any emergency and is just doing routine duties and analyses.
Doesn't that mean Geordi could have left the task to his subordinates and shepherded a lonely old man around?

In addition, Scotty's a captain—just short of flag rank, and almost certain to be awarded it the moment he arrives at a starbase. You don't tell a venerable officer he's "in the way." You might excuse yourself and summon Captain Picard to do so, but ... you don't bitch at a man who ranks you by two grades and a century, no matter how irritated you are.
Agreed, as Chief Engineer, there was no need to micro-manage his team. That would be poor leadership. He could have taken the time to escort a captain around, and given him some pointers on the progress of technology..tactfully. I thought people are supposed to be enlightened and sensitive to others' needs in the Star Trek vision of the future. Even if he was not considered a legend, Scotty was chief engineer of an Enterprise and has the rank of captain. He could have done a computer check of Montgomery Scott, and would have been informed immediately of whom he was is the presence of. Geordi was so awestruck of Zephram Cochrane, but couldn't be bothered with the famous Captain Kirk's engineer?
I know that when I was a soldier, we set up a demonstration for bunch of guys from Audie Murphy's unit, and we showed the utmost respect, and they told stories for hours.
P.S. Audie Murphy (most decorated US soldier of WWII) was even more bad-ass than people know.

WWII vets got some good stories. </understatement>
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