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Re: Hooray! A "scene I want to see" appears!

Anyone else had scenes you'd envisioned and then later had them pop up in a novel or story?
I still remember when I read Dreadnaught!, Diane Carey's book. She established that the insubordinate jerk from "Galileo 7", Lt. Boma, got busted out of the fleet by Scotty!

Myself, I had envisioned, right after the events of the episode, Boma apologizing to Spock... and resigning his commision, as he has realized that he cannot work with people with opposing philosophies....

Still, when I read Carey's book, I was very satisfied, because justice had been served.

Also, I loved Mike and Andy's making the analogy to NATO, when describing the Coalition of Planets. ("The Good That Men Do")
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