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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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The best part was that they showed a Tellerite and an Andorian, to have a confirming memory that these races existed. This enabled them to re-introduce them in Enterprise without a quibble. And as for Yvonne Craig, from Elvis to Batman to Kirk to every man who caught a glimpse, she was a hazard to all and a boon for dry cleaners.
Let's not forget lovely Yvonne's dancing skills on display in The Wild, Wild West! Season One's "The Night of the Grand Emir"...Yowza!

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Shatner plays his most sedate Kirk in WGD. Its as if he had only so much haminess available per episode. Sure, Shatner as Garth is as over the top as he goes, but as Kirk he was... nonchalant? Maybe he had the Honk Kong flu that week and just wasn't up for heroics.
As I mentioned in a prior post, I believe that Bill and Leonard had no choice but to tray and underplay Ihnat, who tenaciously held on to and ripped every scene from everyone else's hands. Although he had a great rapport with Yvonne Craig.

Man, I love this episode.
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