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Re: Uniform Differences

EJD1984 wrote: View Post
I've noticed that the new uniform's material has the Trek logo pattern embossed throughout for Uhura, Scotty, McCoy, Sulu, and Chekov, but not for Spock (maybe not for Kirk as well).

Is this something subtle they're doing interconnected to the ranks? Officers vs. Enlisted?
EJD1984 wrote: View Post
Ok, since there seems to alot of aggrement/conformation about the "delta texture" to the uniforms.

This goes back to my original post: Why does the texture seem to be missing from Spock's shirt?
Cary L. Brown wrote: View Post
Also... why isn't this evident in the Quinto-as-Spock image? His costume's "over-shirt" looks, simply, like velour, doesn't it?
I too do not see the pattern on Spock's shirt and I am thinking it may be his shirt was not created by whoever created the Starfleet uniforms. I mean, (in story) the Vulcan's supply their own with custom uniforms which meet the special requirements (need to be warmer) for Vulcan's in the Fleet. Also, the use of patterned material, along with being "illogical" may inhibit the insulating quality of the material used but more likely - they just want to be different.
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