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I've been thinking about this since the Pressure on Superman Thread has been up and running and was wondering how intriguing a "Superman Begins" movie would be if someone were to do a Nolan-esque Superman movie. Now I'm basically talking about the cinematic story telling aspects such as using flashbacks to tell Superman's origins, while having the main story be in present tense. I'm wondering if its possible to use the same concepts as Nolan used for Batman Begins? I guess it would have to depend on the cast, plot, etc but I think it would be truly interesting. How would you take on a possible Superman Begins movie?
I think it's too soon to do something like this... because they've already tried it (and are STILL doing it) with "Smallville."

Now, had they ended "Smallville" after three seasons, this would've segued into a "Superman Begins" thing perfectly... but they didn't... and now "Smallville" is some sort of alternate-universe thing. But it's still on the air... and I can hardly imagine another "Young Superman gets his start" so close to the current one.

Give it another five years or so, and I'd say it'd be perfect for a "Superman Begins" approach. Of course, John Byrne did this in the comics with "Man of Steel" way back when... and that's been used regularly since then (most notably with "Lois and Clark").

The question is... how do you do it in the course of a MOVIE? While "Batman begins" was basically a combination of the books "Batman Year One" with two others ("The Long Halloween" and "The Man Who Falls"), and thus was suitable to a single story... "Superman Year One" would really need to be a miniseries at the very least, I think... at least without making it too "trite."

I was SOOOO hopeful that "Smallville" was going to get it right (and I think Tom Welling looks sufficiently "Superman-ish" to play the role). But I've stopped watching that completely now.
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