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Re: Uniform Differences

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It might just be part of the movie poster art. The whole promotion so far has focused on the delta shield. I doubt that the actors actually will have little delta shields in their eyes in the film -- that's just part of the artwork. So too could be the delta pattern on the uniforms here to give them some texture. I am not convinced that's the actually fabric pattern in the film.
It was mentioned in this article at TrekMovie that it is indeed a fabric pattern. That detail and others from the article were discussed in this thread, which also contains links to images in which the fabric pattern can be clearly made out.

The delta shields in the eyes most likely will not be seen in the film. That's just ad stuff.
I read through the entire thread (as it was being written) which you refer to, and either I missed the post showing the shield-in-weaving or it wasn't really there...

I remember that in the old board software it was quite easy to link to a specific post inside a specific thread. I haven't tried that since the change-over, but it seems likely that it wouldn't be much different... so perhaps you can link to the specific post?

Also... why isn't this evident in the Quinto-as-Spock image? His costume's "over-shirt" looks, simply, like velour, doesn't it?
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