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Re: Hooray! A "scene I want to see" appears!

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Anyone else had scenes you'd envisioned and then later had them pop up in a novel or story?
The "B" plot of "Black Fire" (with a human Commander Thorin) was similar on about 14 counts to the "A" story of my first Commander Therin fanfic, published in 1982. The novel came out in January 1983, so there's no way Sonni Cooper saw my story. Weird deja vu reading that one!

Subterranean cave dwellings on Andor - almost exactly as I imagined them in the early 80s - turned up in "Andor: Paradigm", and then icy canonical ones in "The Aenar" (ENT).

The ambiance of "Ex Machina" was exactly what I wanted from a post-TMP novel.
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