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West Coast Olympic Commentary

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but I'm really not wanting to spoil the evening tonight after the excitement of last night so I'm making a new thread. Hopefully it works and the Mods let me keep it. It's pretty simple. It's 10:30 here on the West Coast. The Gymnastics have not started yet and Phelps won gold number 1. That was a hell of a race by the way. World Record fashion and the commentators do such a great job bringing the action. Can't wait till the rest of the evening. As far as I'm concerned, the Olympic coverage tonight has just begun.

Edit: 10:35

China has come out strong. US will have a tough act to follow tonight.

Edit: 10:49

We've got a contest. The third American girl had a great vault.

Edit: 11:09

Wow, a 16.900? Well done Liukin. China's turn

Edit: 11:17

Great race. Coughlin got bronze but I've really been impressed with Rice and Conventry these olympics. Now time to go back to the Gym.

Edit: 11:32

4 X 200 relay

The Americans made that look way too easy. I loved the comment by the analyst: "My mom could have anchored this race and still won"

Back to the Gymnastics and I think the swimming is over.


Can't believe Alicia Fell. That's not good going up against near perfection from the chinese


Johnson might have just saved her team with that routine on the beam. Good stuff. I can't wait to see her in the individual competition.


So this is three rotations? I guess it has to be if these olympics are going to end soon. I still can't believe the Americans in that relay for swimming. That's like Secretariat in the Belmont. You can't touch him, and he could stop for something to eat and still win.


She fell again???? Good grief.


I feel bad for her. God she must be so sick right now. I hope she finds a way to redeem herself if she can. That really sucks.


Well, this is the last one in terms of talking to myself tonight. The US was disappointing. Even the mighty Shawn Johnson (Here's what I get for not seeing the trials, I didn't know she was mighty) couldn't do well on the floor. After the greatness that was last night, this is not a very good day for the Gymnastics team. I am looking foward to the all around and individual events though. Hopefully something good will happen but wow.

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