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Re: Tropic Thunder Grading and Discussion - Spoilers.

Just got back.

Before I start, this is to the mother and father who brought their five year old and eight year old to this screening:


This is by far the funniest movie of the Summer, nix that - the year (so far.)

The movie starts off with a fake commercial for an energy drink and three fake movie-trailers to establish the "actors" who carry the movie. First there's another movie in an action franchise that stars Ben Stiller's character who's an action movie Vin Diesel/Bruce Willis type, the next trailer is of Jack Black's character in a "The Nutty Professor"/"The Klumps"-like multiple fat-suited role movie filled with fart jokes and finally a dramatic Oscar contendor staring RDJ's Kirk Lazarus a Method actor who's wom muliple Oscars as a Rennisance era monk in a very, [i]Brokebackian[/b] situation with a surprise cameo. After the "trailers" we're sent into the "movie" these four actors are all starring in together an action-drama (a'la Saving Private Ryan) set during the Vietnam War the scene goes sour and the Director calls cut, has a shit-fit over his prima donna actors and things only get worse. Before the director knows it he's bitched out by the Producer (another surprise, awesome cameo) and before long the director has decided to shoot the movie "Blair Witch Style" in the real Vietnam wilderness. Before we know it Ben Stiller's character is caught by Vietnamese drug lords and it's up to his co-stars to save him. Hilarity, and I DO mean hilarity, insues.

This movie is a laugh riot from the beginning's fake trailers all the way through the end. There's a very surprising performance from a very well disguised guest actor, a surprise hilarious cameo, an the all-star leads are at their very best performances. (Accept for maybe Black who's given little to do.)

This movie is HILARIOUS. Lots and lots of laughs in this and as expected Robert Downey, Jr. steals the show as the "Method" Kirk Lazarus who gets his skin died black to dig into the role of a black military man and it's every bit as hilarious as you'd think it is and see in the trailers.

My biggest gripes on this movie is the underused of Black and I think the language in it is a bit strong and over the top. I don't really mind foul language in movies but this carries it a tad bit too far.

But those are minor things as this one awesomely funny movie that everyone who enjoys good comedy should go and see.

Fantastic, fantastic stuff. I would give it an A+ but my two quibbles are going to knock it down to a Straight-A.

This is definitely NOT a movie to bring kids too, everyone else? Go see this NOW.
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